Foxpass Apps | Secure and easy client-server VPN

Client-server VPN

Quickly set up remote access to your cloud-based server infrastructure

Included free with Foxpass

With Foxpass, you can set up a remote access VPN with just a few clicks. Deploy to AWS, Google Cloud, or any other VPC provider.

  • Easier and faster to manage than OpenVPN
  • Plugs into Foxpass hosted LDAP
  • Allows instant control of who can remotely access your infrastructure

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Directory integration

Foxpass is platform agnostic and can sync users from G Suite, Office 365, Active Directory, SAML providers, and LDAP directories

Dynamic server access

Control who has access to which servers and when. Instantly request, grant, or revoke access. Log all activity to your central logging system.

Designed for DevOps

Manage users, server access, and VPN from a central interface designed with the systems administrator in mind.