Foxpass - Intuitive, cloud-based LDAP, RADIUS, and SSH Key Management

Advanced access control

Foxpass increases your organization's server and network security
by ensuring employee accounts have access only to what they need.

Our cloud-hosted LDAP, RADIUS, and server access control systems help you bring best practices to your infrastructure. And they're backed by your existing Google Apps or Office 365 accounts.

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Over 150 companies use Foxpass to improve their security, here are just a few:

Why Use Foxpass

Proper security requires that employee accounts have access only to the resources they need. If an employee's credentials are compromised, the attackers' access will be limited to only the capabilities of the employee. When additional privileges are needed, Foxpass allows temporary access to be granted for a pre-set time period. With Foxpass, all logins have an audit trail to help your team review logins and find suspicious activity. Furthermore, Foxpass also manages employee SSH keys and enforces password and key rotation policies.

Integrates with Google Apps and Office 365

Foxpass uses Google Apps or Office 365 as your primary directory service, with optional integration with Bitium, Okta and OneLogin as well. No tedium of maintaining a parallel directory.

Increased security

With Foxpass, employees disabled in Google Apps or Office 365 immediately lose access to your server infrastructure and your WiFi network. No need to decommission in several areas.

Easy to set up

It only takes a few clicks to get enabled on Foxpass. And setting up a Foxpass integration on your servers is a snap -- we have installer scripts for popular Linux distros. See our documentation.

LDAP interface

Foxpass gives you a cloud LDAP interface. No need to run your own LDAP server. Easily integrates into Linux, MacOS X, OpenVPN, Jenkins, Jira, and other internal applications.

RADIUS interface

Control access to your WiFi network through our cloud RADIUS interface. Specify which users can access which SSIDs. Even basic access points support per-employee username and password logins.

SSH key management

Let your users manage their own SSH keys. Makes employee onboarding and laptop replacement much easier. Plus Foxpass enforces your SSH key rotation policy.

Advanced access control

Foxpass makes it simple to assign access to hosts. Group servers by hostname, VPC id, Subnet id, or AWS tag. Then assign engineers or groups of engineers who are allowed access. It's that simple. You can even grant temporary access which will automatically expire.

We replaced our temperamental LDAP server with Foxpass and haven't looked back.

Joshua Goffstein Senior I.T. Engineer, LendUp

Foxpass gave our servers a fully featured identity and access control system in less than 5 minutes.

Michael Morrissey VP Engineering, Yik Yak

Foxpass is exactly the solution we were looking for. Integration with Google Apps and easy automated setup on our EC2 instances make Foxpass a perfect fit for our environment.

Boris Zamoruev Co-Founder, Stratim

Foxpass fit perfectly into my user provisioning and Mac deployment ecosystem, and was a breeze to setup. Any issues we encountered were quickly squashed with a little help from their baller support. And when the ancient server that ran all of our authentication finally died, we had Foxpass ready to take over seamlessly.

Caleb Coy IT Manager, Blurb

I had Foxpass up and running within a few minutes. Now only the engineers with 'deploy' permissions can do so.

Chris Estreich CTO, Tophatter

Blayne Dreier Senior Platform Engineer, Comprehend