Meet Our Team

Meet The Team

Foxpass brings enterprise-level security practices to companies of all sizes.
  • Aren Sandersen


    Aren brings over 15 years of experience in software engineering, architecture, technical operations and IT at companies like Pinterest, Microsoft, Bebo, Oodle, and Danger and is a Stanford alumni.

  • Neel Punatar

    VP of Marketing

    Neel brings in 15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, has previously worked for the Wikimedia Foundation, Sapling, Loggly, Captricity, Zenefits and is a UC Berkeley alumni.

  • Steven Toomey


    With over 17 years of finance, accounting and entrepreneurial experience, Steven has been a part of Corax, Evolve, Citigroup, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley and is a UCLA alumni.

  • Richard Ortenberg

    Senior Software Engineer

    Before joining Foxpass, Richard was a software engineer at Nest and Amazon Web Services, where he was on the CloudFormation team.

  • Abigail Aragon

    Account executive

    With 10+ years of experience, Abigail is an award-winning sales and marketing specialist with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding personal and departmental sales goals.

  • Karthik Gooli

    Senior Software Engineer

    Karthik is an ex-Uber Engineer, has worked for multiple startups in the past, and holds a Masters in Computer Science degree from UIUC.

  • Julie Villanueva

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Danish Chopra

    Head of Engineering

    With over a decade of experience in Software industry, Danish previously spent time building his own startup, spearheaded several projects at Uber and Cisco and completed MSCS at UIUC and MSE at Stanford.

  • Travis Theune

    Director, Platform Engineering

    Travis has over two decades of operations and security experience through his roles at SmugMug, Monster, and years of consulting experience.

  • Bryan Bojorque

    System Engineer

  • Juan Carlos PH

    System Engineer

  • Franco C

    Support Engineer

  • Shivani Sachdeva

    Software QA Engineer

  • Stephen Tucker

    SDR / AE

  • Josh Reed

    Account Executive

Our Investors

Our Investors

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