Meet The Team

  • Aren Sandersen

    Founder & CEO

    Aren brings over 17 years of experience in software engineering, architecture, technical operations and IT at companies like Pinterest, Microsoft, Bebo, Oodle, and Danger and is a Stanford alumni.

  • Neel Punatar

    VP of Marketing

    Neel brings in 15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Hr previously worked for the Wikimedia Foundation, Sapling, Loggly, Captricity, Zenefits and is a UC Berkeley alumni. He is responsible for marketing, co-leading sales, and the website.

  • Steven Toomey


    With over 17 years of finance, accounting and entrepreneurial experience, Steven has been a part of Corax, Evolve, Citigroup, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley and is a UCLA alumni.

  • Karthik Gooli

    Senior Software Engineer

    Karthik brings over 10 years of experience in software development, data engineering, architecture and scalability at companies like Uber, NetApp, Nvidia and at startups like and Fisdom and is a UIUC alumni.

  • Douglas Jacobson

    Account Executive

  • Madhav Sisodiya

    Software Engineer

    Madhav graduated from IIT in 2017. He interned at Yolo Bus. When Yolo Bus's founder came to Foxpass, he brought Mahdav along for the ride.

  • Travis Theune

    Director, Platform Engineering

    Travis has over two decades of operations and security experience through his roles at SmugMug, Monster, and years of consulting experience.

  • Bryan Bojorque

    System Engineer

    Bryan is a systems engineer at Foxpass. He also helps helps clients with their set-up.

  • Juan Carlos PH

    System Engineer

    JC has a Master Degree in Computer Science and is a System Engineer at Foxpass and also provides customer support

  • Julian Franco

    Support Engineer

  • Shivani Sachdeva

    Software QA Engineer

    Shivani currently runs automation and manual testing at Foxpass. Previously, she was a Software QA Engineer with Cisco Systems. She has MS in Software Engineering from ITU (San Jose) and B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering, LPU (India)

  • Josh Reed

    Account Executive

    Joshua Reed is an Account Executive with Foxpass, which provides services for the Cyber Security Industry. Josh holds a BA in Organizational Speech Communication from the University of Northern Arizona. When not working you can most often find him out on the trails with my beloved pup, Quinn.

Our Investors

Our Investors

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