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Case Studies

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LendUp Deploys Foxpass to Deliver Automated Access Control to Its Infrastructure

LendUp was growing quickly and the IT team was starting to feel the pain of manually managing access to its infrastructure. They had to manually create user accounts, reset passwords and were managing their own LDAP and RADIUS using a combination of legacy and Open-source solutions. This took up valuable resources and time, as well as created reliability and stability issues that IT had to troubleshoot on a regular basis. LendUp wanted to find a single solution that would help them scale, automate and simplify access management to their infrastructure while saving them valuable IT time.

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Imgur Deploys Foxpass to automate LDAP and Security Best Practices at Scale

Imgur’s team was rapidly growing and they were feeling the pain of manually managing accounts in-house and maintaining security best practices for user access to their infrastructure. The team was spending a lot of valuable time and resources on manually managing authentication to servers, doing user provisioning and deprovisioning, and resetting passwords. They were looking for a solution that would help them save time by automating access control to their resources and helping them implement security best practices at scale.

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Foxpass Delivers Centralized Authentication for’s technology operations team was growing quickly, and they started to feel the pain of manually onboarding new users and managing legacy accounts. As a company born-in-the-cloud, automated operations and processes are key to their ability to scale over time. Eliminating manual processes that become fragile during rapid growth was critical for the team.

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