IEEE 802.1X is simply the standard Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), by which Wi-Fi® authentication is able to transmit.

With EAP you pass information over ethernet frameworks and don’t use Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).

802.1X is comprised of three main parts; the supplicant, the authenticator, and the authentication server.

With 802.1X, the initiation phase involves the supplicant (aka the client machine or device that wishes to connect to the wireless network) which sends encapsulated EAP data in EAPOL (EAP over LAN) frames to the authenticator (aka the wireless access point, router or switch).

Essentially, messages are shuttled between the authentication server and the supplicant’s device via the authenticator, but the authenticator can't see what it's relaying because the message is encrypted. Several pieces of pertinent information are validated in order for the authentication server to approve of the requests before authorizing access to the Wi-Fi® router's network server.

In some situations the supplicant being referred to can be considered the software itself that is located on the machine trying to authenticate to Wi-Fi® via RADIUS.

This diagram demonstrates how 802.1X functions:

WiFi Authentication Diagram with Wireless Router and RADIUS

802.1x mitigates many of the problems that occur with using outdated WEP, such as the long life of passwords.


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