Active Directory & Foxpass

Active Directory is a powerful directory product, fine-tuned for management of Windows clients and servers. But for Linux machines, Foxpass should be your directory of choice. Foxpass offers the same standard LDAP interface that Active Directory does, so Linux machines still use the standard pam_ldap, nslcd, or sssd systems. But Foxpass also offers:

  • SSH key management, including key length requirements and enforcement of key rotation policies.
  • Access control, including the ability to grant temporary access to servers or LDAP groups.
  • SUDO management, create and remove sudo rules with all the power of /etc/sudoers.conf.

Additionally, Foxpass can sync with your existing Active Directory to automatically suspend users in Foxpass who have been deactivated in Active Directory. Furthermore, Foxpass can use the password the user already has defined in Active Directory.