Foxpass Cache Announcement

Posted by Foxpass Team on Jul 24, 2017 12:00:00 AM
Foxpass Team

Foxpass is excited to finally roll out the production version of our custom Foxpass cache!

The cache acts as a secondary source of authentication for your systems.

While our availability record is impressive, like any cloud service provider, we are not immune to downtime.

We now offer a local caching server that guarantees that you will never have an issue logging into your servers, Wi-Fi, or other systems.

If downtime happens or your systems have trouble reaching our servers for whatever reason, the system checks the local directory in the cache instead. The cache is distributed as a Docker container that’s easy to setup and configure. As with any container, there are no external dependencies. Simply download and run.

Foxpass cache is a premium feature, so if you’d like to start using it contact us at Instructions on how to get the cache up and running can be found here. To learn how to update update your hosts and other clients to use the cache, read here.

-Foxpass Team

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