New Features - Early 2017

Posted by Richard Ortenberg on Apr 10, 2017 12:00:00 AM
Richard Ortenberg

Foxpass is excited to officially announce some new features we've rolled out over the past few months.

Foxpass Logins w/2FA

We now offer full support for organizations who don’t use G Suite or Office 365 as an identity provider.

You can register your organization with Foxpass and use your regular email, a Foxpass specific password, and a 2FA code to log into the website.

Contact us at to get set up today. login


Password Features

In addition to supporting a full authentication mechanism on Foxpass, we’ve also expanded password requirement configurations beyond choosing a minimum zxcvbn score.

You can enforce non-reuse of passwords, minimum password lengths, and minimum numbers of digits or letters. This feature suite can help extend your organization’s password policies to the rest of your infrastructure.
You can try out these new features on the new 'Authentication Settings' page.password_features


IP Whitelisting

You can whitelist IP addresses for access to our LDAP endpoint. This way only pre-approved IP addresses have access to your LDAP directory. Check out the 'Whitelist IPs' page to get started.whitelist


Improved Sync Page

We’ve added more visibility to the sync process on our Directory Sync page. You can now instantly check if your credentials are valid at the top of the page. Bitium and Okta also now display more information about their sync status.
If a user is out of sync and needs immediate updating, you can manually re-sync a user from the 'Users' page. Select the option from the 'Actions' dropdown menu where applicable. This is helpful for users that have need immediate assistance and don’t want to wait for sync to re-run.



Group Filters

The Groups page now supports group name filtering and pagination, making it easier to find groups in large organizations. Check the top right corner of the page to try it out.



Streamlined User Page

We've unified the inactive users tab on the Users page. Users that were disabled by an admin are marked in yellow and users that were disabled by a sync process are marked in red. To re-enable a user disabled by an admin, select re-enable from the dropdown menu. To re-enable a user disabled by a sync process, just re-enable them in your directory source and wait for the sync process to re-run or select refresh user from the dropdown menu.


LDAP Password Modify

We now handle ldappasswd commands so you can modify a user’s password using our LDAP endpoint.

Coming Soon:

More Password Features

Soon you'll see more password features in the console. You'll have the ability to lock a user out if they enter an incorrect password is entered too many times in a row. Admins will also be able to automatically reset user passwords.

Foxpass Cache

We’re looking for Beta testers for our new Foxpass Cache. If your hosts or access points can’t reach Foxpass’s servers, they’ll use a local cache as a fallback option. If you're interested in trying it out, contact us at

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