New Features - Spring 2017

Posted by Richard Ortenberg on Jun 13, 2017 12:00:00 AM
Richard Ortenberg

Foxpass is excited to officially announce some new features we've rolled out over the past few months.

RADIUS Attribute Testing

You can now quickly test out RADIUS Attributes from the console. Simply select an attribute set and a user and the tool will show you what attributes and values will be returned by RADIUS. This allows you to easily check if you’ve configured your attribute set correctly. The tool can be found at the bottom of the 'RADIUS Attributes' page.attributestest

Google Password Sync

Foxpass can now sync passwords from Foxpass into Google. If you change your password in Foxpass, we will push the new password into Google. This feature is useful for organizations that want users to maintain a single password but also want to have Google’s 2FA turned on. This can be enabled for G Suite users on the 'Authentication Settings' page.googlesync

Login Lockouts

We’ve now added the ability to lock users out after a set number of failed login attempts. They can either be automatically unlocked after a set period of time or manually unlocked by an administrator. This feature only applies to users or organizations that do not have delegated authentication turned on. This setting can be enabled on the 'Authentication Settings' page.lockout



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