Session Recording & PagerDuty Integration (New features)

Posted by Neel Punatar on Oct 16, 2020 12:46:20 PM

We are excited to announce two new, long-awaited features: session recording and PagerDuty integration.

Session Recording & PagerDuty Integration



Session recording allows an admin to record their users' SSH sessions and replay the session recording at any time. The admin can search by keyword or by timestamp. The reason this is such a powerful tool is that it allows the admin to essentially go back in time to when code stopped working and see what changes were made in order to revert the changes. This is also powerful in the sense that you can tell who made a certain change to the code. For example, you can tell whose credentials were compromised if the code published was malicious.

Lastly, we want to mention that we heard customers loud and clear that this was a feature they need for compliance reasons, as it helps in passing the access control and accountability sections of HIPAA, SOX, SOC2, or PCI. Currently, we are in beta testing for this product, so email if you want to become a beta tester.


Session Recording & PagerDuty Integration


PAGERDUTY Integration:

The PagerDuty integration is part of any Foxpass package, and if you use PagerDuty, this integration is essential in our opinion. At Foxpass, we are built on the premise that certain people should have access to servers only for a certain amount of time. A lot of times engineers need access when something has gone amiss. So when an engineer is on call or has been paged for a problem via Pager Duty, they will be given server access without waiting for an admin to grant access.

To expand, Foxpass integrates with your PagerDuty’s on-call schedule to help automate access to sensitive resources. We'll continually monitor your on-call schedules and add any on-call users to specific groups and host groups for the duration of their on-call rotation.

Additionally, you can set up a webhook in your PagerDuty account to notify us whenever there's an incident. Foxpass will then automatically add any incident responders from that incident to your specified groups and host groups in Foxpass for the duration the incident is open. This will ensure that any users on-call / not on-call, but part of an incident will have access to your sensitive resources on an as-needed basis.

Currently, we are in beta testing for this product, so email if you want to become a beta tester.


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