Introducing Foxpass’s Single Sign-On Feature

Posted by Julie Villanueva on Apr 20, 2021 9:24:13 AM

Organizations these days use many different cloud services and third-party Web applications. It’s cumbersome for their employees to type in username/password (and MFA) every time they need to log in to these Cloud services/Web applications. Single Sign-On (SSO) solves this problem by letting a user log in once such as to their Identity Provider network (Foxpass) and then reusing this information to log these users to various Service Providers (such as AWS or Google workspace). This means less context switching for users as already logged in Foxpass users can now login to other service providers at the click of a button.


Foxpass’s new Single Sign-On (SSO) has the following features:

  • Saves time and effort when logging into multiple service providers.
  • Supports both web and terminal-based user federations.
  • Ability to give access to specific users or groups for a given SSO service provider.
  • Secures access to service providers by obtaining temporary access credentials.

Currently, supported service providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and G Suite with Github to soon follow; more service providers are actively being added.

SSO for Amazon Web Services

Foxpass’ SSO offers a fast and secured way to access AWS UI Console and AWS Command Line Utility. Users can access AWS console and AWS command-line utility via Foxpass SSO without the need to have an actual account by receiving temporary credentials generated through STS.

Temporary access via SSO is a more secure way to federate to AWS than storing pre-generated user access credentials on your host. Your Administrator can configure the temporary access credentials to expire in an hour or more depending on the need.

Experience easy, time-saving, and secure ways of login to different service providers by using Foxpass’ new SSO.

Upgrade your security.

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