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No other industry has higher stakes when it comes to securing their infrastructure. Hacker and rogue employees have a lot to gain from illicit access. Foxpass helps many financial companies adhere to best practices like password and SSH key rotation, and individual access to wireless networks and VPNs. Our access control products give unprecedented flexibility to restrict server access to only those who are authorized, and only during authorized time periods.


Case Study

- Case Study

Implementation Process

LendUp Deploys Foxpass to Deliver Automated Access Control to Its Infrastructure.

key facts

“Prior to Foxpass, LendUp had two engineers dedicated to managing LDAP and RADIUS. Today our access controls are fully automated and we can use the headcount for growing the business. ”

Josh Goffstein
Senior IT Engineer


Reliability and uptime have improved significantly. 

Foxpass was fast and easy to deploy, its cloud-hosted solution is easy to integrate with our entire infrastructure, and the intuitive UI makes it easy to use. 

The Challenge

LendUp was growing quickly and the IT team was starting to feel the pain of manually managing access to its infrastructure. They had to manually create user accounts, reset passwords and were managing their own LDAP and RADIUS using a combination of legacy and open-source solutions.

This took up valuable resources and time, as well as created reliability and stability issues that IT had to troubleshoot on a regular basis. LendUp wanted to find a single solution that would help them scale, automate and simplify access management to their infrastructure while saving them valuable IT time. 


The Solution

Josh Goffstein, Senior IT Engineer at LendUp, says he selected Foxpass because “we were using internal resources to run LDAP and RADIUS, which was taking a lot of IT time, and giving us reliability and stability issues. Now our server authentication is reliable and fast, saving my team tons of time.”

Foxpass enables them to automate access control to their infrastructure; it serves as a directory and authentication service. 


Reduced IT burden

Foxpass delivered an access control solution that automated user access and server provisioning. Today, adding users and managing access to their infrastructure is fast and easy. 

Saved money

LendUp had two engineers dedicated to managing LDAP and RADIUS prior to Foxpass, this was expensive, time consuming and complicated to manage. Now those valuable IT resources can be focused on revenue enerating activities. 

Improved uptime

Foxpass delivers reliability and stability for IT teams in organizations of any size: Traditionally, legacy and open-source products are time-consuming to set up, complicated to manage, and difficult to integrate into a cloud solution. 

About LendUp

LendUp’s mission is to provide anyone with a path to better financial health. It offers safe, transparent products that expand access, lower costs, and provide credits building opportunities for the more than 80 million Americans who currently have limited options within the traditional banking system because of a low credit score, LendUp is located in downtown San Francisco and is backed by prominent Silicon Valley investors including Y-Combinator, Google Ventures, Susa Ventures, Data Collective, Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz Seed Fund, Kapor Capital, QED, Eagle Cliff Investor, Yuri Milner and Thomvest Ventures, plus other highly regarded angels and entrepreneurs.

About Foxpass

Foxpass provides server & wi-fi security. Foxpass makes sure a company's engineers can only access the machines they are supposed to, for a designated amount of time and can only access what is necessary. This is accomplished vis LDAP, RADIUS, & SSH Key management. 

10,000+ employees from influential global companies trust Foxpass to secure their network and servers!