Entertainment / Social sharing

Entertainment and social sites might be fun for their users, but for the IT and engineering teams who keep them running, it can sometimes be anything but. High-traffic sites like these attract bad actors externally, and nosy employees internally. Foxpass is critical for ensuring that stolen credentials are of little use, and that employees are restricted from accessing sensitive data of the site's users. (lots of bad press on this last point for uber and facebook)

Case Study

Imgur Deploys Foxpass to
Automate LDAP and Security best
Practices at Scale

key Facts

"With built in automation scripts,we rolled out Foxpass in a single day".

"maintaining security is best practices with foxpass is easy and intuitive".

"The Foxpass team was very easy to work with and provided fast responsive support".

The Challenge

Imgur's team was rapidly growing and they were feeling the pain of manually managing accounts in-house and maintaining security best practices for user access to their infrastructure. The team was spending a lot of valuable time and resources on manually managing authentication to servers, doing user provisioning and deprovisioning, and resetting passwords.

They were looking for a solution that would help them save time by automating access control to their resources and helping them implement security best practices at scale.

The Solution

Michael Cummings, Principal Devops Engineer, says "I knew what features I was looking for in a solution and Foxpass was the right choice to automate our LDAP as well as make access control easy to manage for our growing team."

Foxpass delivered a full suite of features that automated server access and RADIUS management for our VPN, as well as integration into our ticketing system. As the Imgur IT team is continuing to expand, Foxpass is making it easy to manage access to their inrastructure.


IT Time Saver

Foxpass automated LDAP and RADIUS management,saving IT a Lot of time and burden on managing them manually

Improves Security Best practices

Foxpass is built around security best Practices,making it easy and fast to provision and deprovision users and create role specific access to Infrastructure resources.

Foxpass scales with Ease

The Imgur was growing and consuming more services,Foxpass enabled access management to be fast and easy,So they can spend their time on building and scaling the business

10,000+ employees from influential global companies trust Foxpass to secure their network and servers!