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Case Study

- Case Study

Foxpass Delivers Centralized Authentication for

key facts

With Foxpass,onboarding user is fast and easy.Decommissioning old accounts is literaly done with a click of a button.

Foxpass delivered Centralized authentication that is easy to manage at scale.

Managing LDAP was costly and time consuming.Foxpass provides a robust automated solution that saves us time and money.

The Challenge's technology operations team was growing quickly, and they started to feel the pain of manually Onboarding new users and managing legacy accounts. As a company born in the cloud, automated operations and processes are key to their ability to scale over time. Eliminating manual processes that become fragile during rapid growth was critical for team.

Managing LDAP in-house can be both costly and complicated, taking valuable resources away from the core focus of the company. They wanted a solution that would help them automate access control for their infrastructure at scale and provide centralized authentication.

The Solution

Rick Collette, Director of DevOps says, "Identifying and implementing an automated LDAP solution that would deliver centralized authentication at scale was top of mind for myself and my team. We heavily automate across our organization, and finding solutions that fit our modern technology approach allows us to move faster and be more effective."

Foxpass enabled the flexibility and control to automate user access and provided centralized authentication that is easy to manage. The team can easily add new users, enable their access to only the resources they need, and deactivate old accounts programmatically.


Save time and money for IT

Foxpass automated LDAP, eliminating the complicated and time consuming process of dedicating engineering time to manually managing it in-house.

Improved security best practices

Foxpass is built around security best practices, making it easy and fast to provision and deprovision users and create role specific access to infrastructure resources.

10,000+ employees from influential global companies trust Foxpass to secure their network and servers!