What each company does:

So many Foxpass paying users, use Okta as their user database. Okta is a great SAML SSO organization. They allow an end user to login to a SAML enabled application with a single click. When it comes to LDAP for Linux servers and RADIUS authentication for 802.1x, users trust Foxpass.



Okta's RADIUS solution requires the customer to run a RADIUS agent on local Windows host. This agent does not support 802.1x, which is needed for Wi-Fi® networks to support WPA2-Enterprise.


Foxpass RADIUS

Foxpass can run your RADIUS solution in the cloud or on premise. The Foxpass cloud solution is a fraction of the cost of our on premise or Okta’s on prem solution. Our on prem solution is less expensive and a better value than Okta’s solution, plus you get unparalleled support. Okta has dabbled in RADIUS authentication, but it is not the main focus of their company. Foxpass is an LDAP & RADIUS solution. That is why so many users use both Foxpass and Okta: Foxpass for LDAP/SSH Key Management and RADIUS; Okta for SAML based SSO.

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Okta provides a simple, cloud-hosted LDAP interface. It is designed to allow legacy applications that only support LDAP to integrate with Okta's SSO platform. But their LDAP interface does not support fields necessary for Linux integration, and therefore Linux hosts cannot integrate with it.


Foxpass LDAP

  • Fully manage users access to LINUX/UNIX servers.
  • Access control, including the ability to grant temporary access to servers or LDAP groups.
  • SUDO management, create and remove sudo rules with all the power of "/etc/sudoers.conf".
  • SSH key management, including key length requirements and enforcement of key rotation policies.

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Acess control


It is cumbersome to remove users from two systems.  Foxpass syncs with Okta, and can use Okta as the user database (source of truth).  So if a person is removed from Okta they are removed from their Foxpass account. Sync occurs automatically many times an hour, but you can force a sync on your Foxpass Sync page.