Foxpass - Pricing

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Foxpass's pricing is simple and you can change your plan at any time.
We charge based on headcount, not server count.

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  • 10 total users
  • 5 Engineering users
    or Posix users
  • LDAP



  • 20 total users
  • 10 Engineering users
    or Posix users
  • LDAP
  • Email support



  • 75 total users
  • 25 Eng. or Posix users
  • 10 additional Posix users
  • LDAP
  • Email support



  • 200 total users
  • 50 Eng. or Posix users
  • 50 additional Posix users
  • LDAP
  • Email support

Add-On Features

  • 90 Day LDAP and RADIUS Logging & API Log Access
  • Local Cache Server
  • SUDOer Support
  • Event Logging (Coming soon...)

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Engineering user ("Eng." user for short) is a user that is authorized to log into Unix/Linux systems using SSH keys. Normally these will be your Engineers and/or DevOps employees. A Posix user is a user that can log in to machines using a username and password only (i.e. Mac OS X).

User Types

Can Access Standard Posix Engineer
Posix Systems & Machines
SSH Key Management
Servers will force users to login with an SSH key that is managed by Foxpass. Foxpass can also integrate with your VPN to allow users to log in using their Foxpass credentials.
Users can log into your Wifi network using their Foxpass credentials. No more passwords on sticky notes!
You can either manually manage users or configure Foxpass to automatically sync users and groups with Google Apps, Office 365, Bitium, or Okta.
You don't! You can integrate Foxpass with your current root identity (whether that's Google Apps, Office365, Bitium, Okta, OneLogin, etc.) for single-sign on functionality. That way, users only need to know one password.

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