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Posted by Richard Ortenberg on Oct 14, 2016 12:00:00 AM
Richard Ortenberg

Foxpass, like any good DevOps or IT tool, saves your business both time and money. It makes directory management easier and reduces development overhead through improved security, automation, and efficiency.


Foxpass’s biggest benefit to your company comes by hardening your security. Foxpass protects the most sensitive parts of your infrastructure. Generally, the upside of improved security can be hard to measure, but consider this: how much is access to your hosts worth? Your source code? Your internal tools? Foxpass can prevent illicit access on those systems by restricting WiFi and SSH host access to active employees with valid credentials. If you’re using shared credentials, you have to remember to rotate the credentials and update your hosts every time someone leaves or a contract ends. Any manual process is a potential security risk, especially as you scale. Foxpass makes it easy to rotate your employees’ SSH keys and passwords and also logs all LDAP and RADIUS login attempts to check for malicious activity.


Foxpass helps automate standard administrative tasks. Think about the time it takes to add or remove a user from your hosts. Whether you manually manage SSH access or use a Puppet or Chef script, you have to repeat the process every time you change your headcount. That’s a lot of busywork eating into your day for every hire or departure. It can be an especially acute problem when you work with interns or contractors who are only around for a few months. If it takes a few days to get them set up, that’s a significant amount of the time that they’re unable to get their job done. With Foxpass, the time it takes to create their email account is the time it takes them to give them access. Also, consider what happens when you change your Wi-Fi® password. You have to announce it to everyone in the company and wait for everyone to update their clients. Small distractions like this can add up throughout the workday. With Foxpass, everyone uses their personal password to log into Wi-Fi®. Foxpass helps automate SSH key, password, and host permission management and has a straightforward API that you can build on top of.


Working with LDAP or RADIUS is not a standard task for most software developers. Their unfamiliarity with those protocols leads to longer project times, tougher debugging, and general development slowdown. This time spent developing is distracting from your company’s core focus. Having your engineers work on internal projects reduces your efficiency and prevents you from building customer facing features. You wouldn’t cut down a tree just to build an office desk, why ask your developers to build an LDAP or RADIUS server? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Our entire focus at Foxpass is having LDAP and RADIUS servers up and running 24/7. Additionally, Foxpass is built to scale along with your traffic. We make uptime our priority and can absorb load spikes when you’re spinning up lots of new servers. Our on-call is centered around maintaining these servers so your engineers don't have to.

If you subscribe to our largest standard plan (up to 50 engineers and 200 employees) Foxpass costs $3,000 a year. Using very conservative estimates from engineerworth.com, if one of your 50 engineers spends just one work week out of the whole year setting up, configuring, and maintaining a bare bones LDAP server it would cost more than subscribing to Foxpass. This estimate also ignores hosting costs which would run you a few hundred dollars per year, at minimum. Additionally, you have to make sure that the engineer who maintains this system stays with the company, as the next administrator will need a lot of time to familiarize themselves with it and keep it running. The costs of building it in house can quickly outweigh the benefits.

Foxpass frees you from dealing with a DIY LDAP and RADIUS server and gives you peace of mind about your security, all at a great price! What are you waiting for? Start a free 30 day trial today! We’re even free for companies under 5 engineers and 10 total employees.

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