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Posted by Aren Sandersen on Jan 28, 2016 4:54:00 PM
Aren Sandersen
Welcome to the Foxpass blog!In our introductory post, I wanted to give a little background on who we are and what we do:I have been in our customers’ shoes when running both Technical Operations and IT at many growing companies, including Pinterest.

I knew building strong identity management throughout our infrastructure (server, VPNs, wireless networks) was important, but implementation was rarely at the top of our priority list.

And, once built, these often-neglected services would always seem to fail at the worst possible time.

Our goal with Foxpass is to create and operate the mission-critical identity and security products that you need for your growing business, but don’t want to spend your time building or maintaining. By working with us, you can spend your team’s energy on *your* roadmap items instead of internal access control tools.

We look forward to sharing here about developments in infrastructure security, new products and features, customer case studies, and more.



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