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Why Foxpass


We are the only cloud-hosted LDAP and RADIUS provider who puts security first. By default, we don’t allow any insecure protocols or use any insecure password hashing algorithms. Competitors can’t say the same.


Foxpass is built to be both scalable and fault-tolerant. Our services span multiple datacenters and have no single points of failure. We’re on-call 24/7 monitoring our servers.


Foxpass is designed to work with whatever systems you already have in place, where we can. Whether that’s a cloud mail system like G Suite or Office365, or an existing SSO solution from Bitium, Okta, or OneLogin, Foxpass will fit in.

Ease Of Use:

We take traditionally difficult-to-work-with protocols and have made them easy to use by offering lots of documentation to set up your workstations, applications, and servers.


Foxpass is built by engineers and IT professionals, for engineers and IT professionals. We speak your language and can help you get started.


Foxpass is designed to be extremely cost-effective. We’re up to 80% less than the competition.

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